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                  论文题目 作者 刊物名称 发表年度
                  Three-dimensional limit equilibrium method based on a TIN sliding surface 刘振平 ENGINEERING GEOLOGY
                  Experimental and field investigations on seismic response of joints and beddings in rocks Liu, Yang ULTRASONICS
                  Study on Sealing Failure of Wellbore in Bedded Salt Cavern Gas Storage 陈祥胜 ROCK MECHANICS AND ROCK ENGINEERING
                  A Straightforward Direct Traction Boundary Integral Method for Two-Dimensional Crack Problems Simulation of Linear Elastic Materials Zhang, Chao CMC-COMPUTERS MATERIALS & CONTINUA
                  Physical Tank Experiment Investigation on Rainfall Producing Groundwater Level in Homogeneous Material Slopes Zhang, Chao GEOFLUIDS
                  Study on Damage and Repair Mechanical Characteristics of Rock Salt Under Uniaxial Compression 尹洪武 ROCK MECHANICS AND ROCK ENGINEERING
                  Determination of the maximum allowable gas pressure for an underground gas storage salt cavern - A case study of Jintan, China Wang, Tongtao JOURNAL OF ROCK MECHANICS AND GEOTECHNICAL ENGINEERING
                  Dynamics of a Partially Confined, Vertical Upward-Fluid-Conveying, Slender Cantilever Pipe with Reverse External Flow 葛鑫博 APPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
                  Experimental device for the study of Liquid-Solid coupled flutter instability of salt cavern leaching tubing 葛鑫博 JOURNAL OF NATURAL GAS SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING
                  Analysis of the plugging process of the leaking interlayer in a thin interbedded salt cavern gas storage of Jintan (China) by high-pressure grouting and potential applications Li, Yinping JOURNAL OF NATURAL GAS SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING
                  Experimental study on repair characteristics of damaged rock salt of underground gas storage Yin Hong JOURNAL OF CENTRAL SOUTH UNIVERSITY
                  Position design of the casing shoe of an abandoned horizontal salt cavern to be used for gas storage 章雨豪 ENERGY SOURCES PART A-RECOVERY UTILIZATION AND ENVIRONMENTAL EFFECTS
                  Weibull grain-based model (W-GBM) for simulating heterogeneous mechanical characteristics of salt rock 李欢 ENGINEERING ANALYSIS WITH BOUNDARY ELEMENTS
                  Weibull linear parallel bond model (WLPBM) for simulating micro-mechanical characteristics of heterogeneous rocks 李欢 ENGINEERING ANALYSIS WITH BOUNDARY ELEMENTS
                  Study on the damage characteristics of gas-bearing shale under different unloading stress paths Guo, Yintong PLOS ONE
                  Rock mass characteristic of Suanjingzi section in the Beishan Preselected Site of China's high-level radioactive waste disposal Wang, Guibin ARABIAN JOURNAL OF GEOSCIENCES
                  Three dimensional vibration analyses using an eight-node hexahedral element with continuous nodal stress Ma, Yongzheng COMPUTERS & STRUCTURES
                  Global method for stability analysis of anchored slopes Zhang, Tan INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL FOR NUMERICAL AND ANALYTICAL METHODS IN GEOMECHANICS
                  Back-Analysis for the Elasto-Viscoplastic Parameters of Landslides Based on the Observed Displacements: A Case Study of the Wujiang Landslide, China Huang, Yaoying ARABIAN JOURNAL FOR SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING
                  Optimization Analysis of the Position of Thermometers Buried in Concrete Pouring Block Embedded with Cooling Pipes Huang, Yaoying MATHEMATICAL PROBLEMS IN ENGINEERING
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